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Listen to two audiobooks for 99 cents from Audible
Listen to a Bestseller for $7.49 at AudibleAudible is a membership-based audio book store. Audible doesn't mail you CDs or Tapes, but rather allows you to immediately download and listen to the books you buy. You can burn the books on to CD or copy them into an electronic audio playing device. Because there are no physical distribution costs, Audible is able to sell their audio books at significant discounts. They have thousands of books available in a variety of categories, and are especially adept at delivering new best sellers.

Barnes and Noble
3 DVDs for $20 at Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble carries a wide selection of books and other media products. Barnes & Noble has long had a very fine reputation as a large, traditional book-seller chain. Barnes & Noble has an even better reputation as an online retailer. Barnes & Noble combines fair shipping rates with a wide variety of delivery methods. It is often much cheaper, even after shipping, to order from Barnes & Noble online, rather than to go into their fine stores. Barnes & Noble carries books, music, videos, audio books, ebooks, textbooks, dvds, and used or out-of-print books. - Discount Textbooks, New & Used... Save Time & Money!
A Better Selection at a Better Price!BiggerBooks carries a full selection of books at excellent prices. BiggerBooks also carries used books at excellent prices. BiggerBooks has very fair shipping prices and charges no tax in California (people always ask). The BiggerBooks search engine is friendly and easy to use. BiggerBooks also carries a wide selection of textbooks.

Visit's Giant Warehouse Sale for the biggest discounts on quality books.
BookCloseOutsBook Closeouts has unbelievable prices on books, as much as 90% off. They don't have the selection you'd find from larger booksellers, but they have a lot more than most used bookstores or book clearance centers. Book Close Outs also offers some excellent services for those looking for a specific book or genre. BookCloseOuts offers a book club, a section where you can list books you want and be notified when Book Closeouts has them, a hand-autographed books section, and an excellent email catalog you can sign up to receive. Their prices are generally far better than you get from even used book stores, used book brokers, and used book auctions.

Bargain Books at BAMM
46% off Bestsellers at BAMMBooks A Million is another large, traditional book retailer that has found great success as an online book store. Books-A-Million has very competitive prices, and a selection of books that rivals any online book seller. BooksAMillion, like many other online book stores, charges fair shipping prices, making online book orders often much cheaper than their traditional book stores. BooksAMillion features books, audio books, magazine subscriptions, gift services, business to business sales, a large religious books section, and an excellent $5 per subscription to get 10% off on all book orders.

Booksonline Book of the Month Club
BooksonlineBooksOnline's "Bestsellers" is a Bestsellers book club store. You sign up for $6.95 and get 7 Bestsellers of your choice. Then you must buy only 3 more Bestsellers at retail price over the next two years.

Get your Study Tools today at CengageBrain!
Save up to 70% on textbooks & up to 50% on eBooks."CengageBrain is an online store provided by Cengage Learning. CengageBrain rents textbooks, sells new print textbooks; eBooks; eChapters; individual digital chapters; plus print and digital study tools. eBooks are priced up to 50% off list price of a regular print textbook while eChapters start as low as $1.99 each. As one of the world's largest providers of tailored learning solutions; we are also deeply committed to providing a wide variety of choices to students; educators; administrators and parents when purchasing educational course material. A principle goal of ours is that students around the world have the opportunity to use the learning resources that can make the difference in their academic career; and ultimately in their lives." Buy One, Get One Free!
Download an eBook todayeBooks sells electronic books, or e-books. These are files you download and read, often interactively, on your own computer. e-books tend to be published by authors who do not want to go through the hassles of dealing with printing publishers. Since anyone can publish them, e-books can be of much lesser quality than published books but when purchased from reputable sources or authors they are often just as good. Some people prefer not to read off of a printed screen. I like eBooks that allow you to do text string searches. eBooks can also be good because you can print off a few pages a day to read and keep yourself on task. People with Palm, Psion Revo, or Pocket PC computers love e-books because they can put several on their handheld computers for reading whenever a spare moment comes along. Technical e-books can be much more relevant than printed books because there is no lead-time between writing the book and when it gets published. Also, the lack of paper costs often makes e-books CHEAPER to purchase and many e-book publishers will give you their new editions free. Many of the e-books sold at eBooks are books that have been published in print too, but at much higher prices. eBooks has a large selection of books, from bestsellers to reputable resource books.

Buy only the textbook chapters you need starting at $1.99
Save 50% on iChapters"iChapters allows students to download an entire textbook at 50% of the hard copy text book or for as little $1.99. And since iChapters is a division of Thomson Higher Education, we can even offer new hard copy books at 25% off and with free shipping. Quite simply there is no other site that can offer textbooks in a more convenient format or at a lower price."

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